Wednesday, October 28, 2009

a workshop day

I love workshop days.
I go to the workshop every day to pick and pack orders, but it's always a race against time to get them done and get to the Post Office before it shuts so a whole day there seems like such a treat!

Today's to-do list is quite large ::
I've already ordered findings and felt this morning, and today I plan to :: make swatch cards, pack some kits, make up more ribbon boxes, put my Ikea purchases in place, cut out my next wholesale order, stock take and check my website...and of course the daily trip to my lovely post office ... and this evening I can get started on stuffing all the cuties that have been in-the-making for the past 10 days!


Anonymous said...

You make such pretty things! I love to look at your blog regularly to see all the pretty and wonderful things. It's so exciting to see your work shop full of all the things I like and it looks so good and organised. Your photos are always terrific. It always brightens my day. Thank you.

Glenyce, Victoria, Australia

shell said...

Have a lovely day xx

lollywood said...

those matryoshka dolls are so cute!! you sound like you've had a very busy but productive day!

Megan said...

wow, what a busy, productive, efficient and organised day!

well done you!

Anonymous said...

Love ribbon love buttons love anything that you make

Julie (Pony)