Thursday, October 22, 2009

i love planning

my sister, niece and I are off to Ikea on Sunday.
I have spent a good long while browsing the website, adding items to the shopping list and being inspired ... thinking & planning ... and re-arranging parts of my workshop.

I'm not planning on spending much, but a few lovely items could make all the difference...


Anonymous said...

That's the great thing about Ikea - you don't have to spend too much to get good stuff - the tables I have in my studio only cost about £22 each!

shell said...

Oh, hubby and I are going tomorrow - very excited ;-)

Angel said...

Good luck with the shopping!! Have fun and spend wisely!!



Essie's handcraft cuteness said...

Ikea is always fun!! I got the same lamp but never use it :(
Have fun!

picciolo said...

I've done a list now too... see you on sunday! (ps I finally got my website up, come and see and tell me what you think)