Sunday, October 11, 2009

introducing.... new sewing machine ...
...he's fairly old and has been well used but I think he's fabulous...
he even does reverse stitch AND he has a knee operated foot!
hurrah for eBay bargains!
Today was my first day using him so I turned some of this ::
into one of these ::
it took a while to get used to such a fast machine again, but he flew through all the layers like a dream!
He also didn't mind when I talked to him, which I did a lot. I always talk to my sewing machine* that weird**?
*unfortunately my domestic sewing machine used to hear lots of bad words but so far this one has only heard good ones ;-P
** just in case you do think it is weird I won't tell you I named him and that he's called Sidney..haha!


Lucy Caitlin Higham said...

I love the old singer, my mum used to have one just like yours!! You are so neat with your sewing and it always looks nice.hope you are well.
Lucy x

bex said...

nope, not weird at all. the one in our shop is called nina

Brenda said...

I have one of those called "Berni" unfortunatelly Berni is in the shed at the moment, too big to fit into the house! Not for long I hope because domestic machines drive me crazy!

Anne said...

I don't think it's weird - I frequently talk to my laptop - usually along the lines of ... you're a uselss piece of junk and if you don't behave I'm going to throw you out the window ....(add in any swear words you choose!!

Daisy236 said...

LOL! These posts made me giggle. What a great old sewing machine. I find the old ones are the best! I dont have a name for my machine, I think I will have to think of one!

Kate said...

OOOOH can I come and play? I'll bring cakes. xxxx
Have a great week

the cookie cutter said...

Fantastic machine indeed!

ChocolateMint said...

what a great machine!! I own a domestic Singer, but these old sewing machines have a very special charm! I'm sure it will help you make even more awesome goodies!

A Decluttered Life said...

Hi I live in Brighton and my mum lives in worthing. My daughter saw your creations and blog and we wondered if we could come and visit and my daughter make a few things in your workshop. If you do that. I would be very interested could you let me know how much a session at your workshop would cost. I have tried sending an email via your website, but it says email not valid. I am putting the email address in correct too. I sent a blank email to check if it worked and that went through but when I did a message on the form that one didnt go through. Hope I am making sense!
X Dominique

Indigo Blue said...

I do believe that you have an industrial sewing machine there me dear! I spent my degree years using one and the knee lever is a god send. You will never want to go back to a domestic sewing machine again! I am pea green!
Lucky ebay find.