Tuesday, October 20, 2009


cutting out felt scallops is very hard.
and I cut out 200 of them!

but seeing them all sewn into position is more than worth it!
I think I may have to add felt scallops to more things.....

...but first I need to join these happy faces with their fir tree bodies!!


Lía :) said...

HI! I'M FROM PERU, i just wanted to know if you have something else than scissors to cut the felt 'cause i see you do a lot of this beautifull pieces- please tell me :)

Con pájaros en mi cabeza said...

Delightful colours andre pretty faces!!!...

Tadewi´s Elfenatelier said...

Wow it looks like a lot of work.
Well I just wanted to leave a nice comment and show you that I made some of your nice puses.:o)
They will be a nice present for Xmas.:o)
Thank you for your talent.

TC Tadewi

Jace said...

Looking at your posts always makes me happy ... they're so colourful and cheery. :) You make such lovely things - keep up the great job!

Pomona said...

They are such neat scallops - beautifully done. You have obviously been working very hard!

Pomona x