Saturday, May 10, 2008

medical breakthrough

Firstly a great BIG thank you for all your get well wishes
:-) Blog readers really are the sweetest bunch of people! I was reading Kitty's blog yesterday where she perfectly described the way that people she'd never met had become friends, through comments and emails and I have to agree with little corner of the world wide web is a really friendly place to be, and you know what? I LOVE it!!

I am feeling WAY better now but still quite worn out! I still was well enough to go to work (I just don't 'do' phoning in sick!) and yesterday and today were really busy, we were run off our feet!

Yesterday when I got home there was a parcel waiting for me and it contained just the medicine I needed ::

It started life as a Jelly Roll, but I could not stop myself folding it all neatly ;-p

Such lovely bright summery colours, available from Buttonberry, a lovely fabric shop-well worth a visit if you haven't already.
Tonight I'm going to catch up on the housework and do the grocery shopping so tomorrow I can sew sew sew :-)
PS freebie winners, your prizes will be posted on Monday, sorry for the delay xx


Anonymous said...

Glad you fill better, love them fabric's ,they are fab lovley colours .xxx jade and david xxx

Kitty said...

Oh my my ... I'm straight off to drool at Buttonberry as soon as I've finished typing this comment!

So glad you're feeling better. Blogland IS a lovely place, isn't it? I love it too.


mollycupcakes said...

Sorry to hear you've been unwell sweetie.
Hope your better today and out enjoying the sunshine and getting lots of sewing done.
Gorgeous fabrics on that website, I'll have a job choosing which ones to get.
Catherine x

ethel and edna's tearoom said...

Glad you're feeling better. With 'mdeicine' like that in the post, I'd like to be ill too!!

K&S City Girl said...

Hi! Hope you are feeling too grumpy, I heard that it will be slightly cooler next week. :>

I love the fabrics. I'm always complaining how hard it is find nice fabrics in the UK, I guest I'm not looking at the right place. Thanks for sharing.


K&S City Girl said...

Sorry I meant 'not' too grumpy. Hee! Hee! Silly me. :>

jojoebi said...

glad you are feeling better. I really want to lick those fabrics - yummy.

Ali said...

Is fabric envy a disease? I am ill too! Get well soon.

dottycookie said...

I'm glad you'r starting to feel better!