Tuesday, May 06, 2008

gnome winners announced

What a great Bank Holiday!
On Sunday John and I went to my sisters house and met up with Mum, Dad and Nan, my sister, her husband and my niece. We went out for a nice lunch and chatted a lot and played a lot too!

Then on Monday I did a little sewing then decided to tackle our back garden...the weeds and dead-heads were taking over. John joined in too and FIVE hours later our garden is tidy and weed free :-) we felt we deserved a drink so met up with a couple of couples and had a fun night in the pub. Which is why I forgot to do the freebie yesterday!

So now to announce the winners :: Picked by John, who is now an official gnome-namer ::
Gnome one :: Finwinkle Hedwyn Pilwicket III is 190 years old, very wise and could live in the old oak at the bottom of my garden. My dog Toby Tea Cosy would ward cats and birds away from him, he'd be very very happy there! named by Crafty Daffodil
Gnome two :: Hamish McGnomish for me (pet name = Twig). I have no clue why! named by dottycookie
Gnome three :: I would call it Ella, because if I had a little happy tree I'd hang it in my car. My car is called Flo, so together they would make Floella! (which is my car's full name, but I only call her that if she's misbehaving) I think I need a lie down, I've been in work for 19 minutes and so far all I have done is think of a name for the happy tree gnome lookalike! named by peggyprints
Thanks for taking part...John and I had fun doing this one :-)


dottycookie said...

Eeeeek! So excited! Thank you! I have a space for Hamish next to Mr Pigeon and the SuperMario Mushroooooom, and I promise to protect him from the madly psychedelic monkee.

Do you need my address or do you have it from the etsy orders?

You've made my day!

peggyprints said...

Me too! I'm sooo happy. I ran downstairs to tell my boyf and I was so excitable he thought I'd gone mad.