Wednesday, May 14, 2008

a day that didn't (quite) go as planned!

This morning I started to tidy my wardrobe...all my clothes that I don't wear, either because they are old OR because they no longer fit were hanging neatly in my wardrobe, untouched, whilst all my good clothes that I wear all the time were slung all over a chair in our bedroom.

Two hours, one bin bag and FOUR big boxes later and it's all sorted and WOW is my wardrobe tidy!
You may remember I did this a few weeks ago with my bookcases?
I now have a HUGE pile of unwanted belongings queueing up to look for new homes, John and I have decided to do a car boot sale on the Sunday of the next Bank Holiday, hopefully we can turn unwanted goodies into something useful!

I am a certified hoarder and if you're not I'm sure you'd have laughed at my indecision over a few old favourites :: it doesn't fit :: it looks worn out :: nothing goes with it anymore :: BUT maybe I'll keep it????
I was annoying myself! LOL

After lunch I packed some orders...the world of web amazes I posted a rainbow of felt to Chile! who'd have thought someone in Chile would find little old me and buy some goodies??
Amazing, isn't it?

Then I ordered some more felt because I am running low on a couple of colours, sewed a few tortoises, as you do, then added a few items to my ebay and etsy shops.

I've just got home from the Post Office and after Dinner I'm going to start work on a new project for a friend of mine, who very kindly gave me a much needed kick up the bum today :-)
[haha and no, thank goodness, Worthing beach doesn't look like that!!]

Before I go another Thank You, this time to Fibrespace, who very kindly awarded my blog with an award!


Kitty said...

Congratulations on the award Sarah! Very much deserved. x

sara said...

I do exactly the same thing with my clothes. Well done for sorting them out. Maybe I'll have a go - maybe.....

dottycookie said...

So much loveliness!

Thank you so much for my lovely parcel, which arrived yesterday. Hamish McGnomish is sitting on my bookshelf looking at me as I type!