Thursday, April 24, 2014


once all of today's parcels were packed and ready for the postman I *finally* made a start on my weekly accounts - I have 9 weeks worth to do & a looming VAT return deadline - doing the VAT is easy if your accounts are all upto date so I need to knuckle down and have managed to do 3 weeks worth today - which means I could be done by the end of the weekend! yippee!!
 John spent a few hours building my final expedit (ikea) and rejigging the stock area to fit it in...the deliveries to fill this unit up are on their way
the barn is looking good :-)


Lucy Blossom said...

Wow it looks amazing, you've done so much in such a short time.

Highland Monkey's said...

I would definately like to come and play in there! What a lot of lovely goodies.