Wednesday, March 05, 2014

The BIG Move

Monday ::
the storage unit, Johns cutting & felt rooms and my entire workshop were packed into Van number 1, we had 6 removal men at one point and every single one of them was brilliant.  We uummed and aahhed over the quote and what to do for the best but it was money very well spent indeed - P&H removals are ACE!
Tuesday Morning:
Our flat and nearly all of John's garage were packed into van number 2 and we all travelled to Dorset and met at the barn....
Tuesday Afternoon ::
I arrived first (I'm faster than lorries and John was towing a trailer with a classic car on it) so I set up my makeshift office in one corner, put the kettle on and found the biscuits ;-)
The AMAZING removal men carried on being amazing and emptied most of one lorry and a bit of the other one, I have no idea where they get their stamina from !
 Wednesday Morning:: the remainder of the lorries were emptied at the barn (ooohh look at all the felt!) and we picked up the keys to our new house and the other lorry was unloaded there.
 Wednesday Afternoon ::
we've made a dent in re-arranging and getting some boxes unpacked (photos of that tomorrow) - and now we're off to our new house to unpack that! (I'll show you that soon too!)
and tonight we shall sleep in our own bed in our new house in Dorset (last night we slept in a tent in the new barn, fun but a bit chilly!) see you in the morning :-)


Em said...

What a lot of work but so exciting!

JessE said...

I'm so excited for you guys, and so I can't wait to see how this move progresses. Barb locale looks beautiful x

JessE said...

Barn not Barb!

michelle f said...

Glad you arrived safe and well.Will keep up to date with the blog.Take care peeps. :)

Rachael said...

So exciting, looking forward to next instalment, nearly as good as Corrie. Hope you get sorted with no hitches.

Maria Farran said...

Hi !!
Great you move to Dorset. I live in Barcelona and I spend all summers there. Do you mind to contact with me and tell me where do you have your warehouse? Nice to see lovely felt in Dorset.