Friday, March 14, 2014

new (to me) storage furniture

before we moved I learnt that Worthing Craft Shop was closing down and all their shop fittings needed new homes - so I popped along and picked up some bargains.....
 the rack on the right was originally designed to hold scrapbooking paper, but is SO much better when it's full of printed felt ::
 the racks on the left originally held A4 card and DL envelopes...
 ..but now they have little drawers full of crafty bits and bobs ::
 and BIG shelves/cubby holes for other crafty bits and bobs ::
and I have another one round the corner, next to my Ikea Billy CD racks, for all my findings and bells
they all need labels (I can't find my Dymo's plug!) but first I need to unpack that little pile of boxes in the background (that is supposed to be my making area!!....)
quick links ::
printed felt is here
crafty bits and bobs are here

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