Monday, March 17, 2014

a long weekend

bright and early on Saturday morning saw John and I at a hire van place in Bridport.  A three hour drive in the sunshine and we were back in Worthing.  Our mission? to empty John's two (rather full) garages, clean and close down the old workshop and finish packing all the delicate things that were still in the old flat.
We did it, almost - still some bits on one garage and still some things in the flat to sort, but we did well...we got back home to Dorset (we like saying that!) very late on Saturday, which left the whole of Sunday to empty the lorry ... the weather was glorious and made a dirty, heavy looong job much more enjoyble.
The photos are from the passenger seat of the lorry and are of the view from the start of the drive down to the the far distance is Lyme Regis.  We love this view and how different it is every day.

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Anonymous said...

Gorgeous!! Bit of sunshine makes all the difference!