Saturday, January 19, 2013

the end of the nasty jobs

earlier in the week I managed to cross all my boring things off my to do list - today I have crossed off all the nasties ::
accounts up to date :: tick
VAT return submitted :: tick
pay all my outstanding  bills :: tick
next on the list?
preparations for my first ever trade show! 
that's right - I am going to be at the NEC in February with a stand full of goodies (stand BS29)- and I'm so excited!
I've done a lot of planning, ordering and making over the past few months & I still have tonnes to do, first things first:  I need a new to-do list - and this one will be full of fun jobs - hooray!
*the photos follow on from yesterdays - it snowed a lot and although I know photos of other people's snow are a bit blah I loved it - look the lower roof nearly disappeared!*


Anonymous said...

If the Birmingham show is successful, it would be great to see you at the Glasgow show!


Unknown said...

Hey Sarah, did you know you had a friendly monster who love on the building opposite? Check out the view from the middle pane of glass :)

countrybumpkin said...

Just been looking at the chsi website - some good business seminars.. thinking about visiting. Is it very expensive to exhibit? PS your blog is inspiring :)