Tuesday, January 08, 2013

New Year News

The move is off - my offer has been withdrawn  and that lovely big workshop space I showed you just before Christmas is not going to be full of felt!
The past few weeks have been a moving/not moving roller coaster - I've had numerous phone conversations and swapped many emails with my solicitor, the potential landlord, the estate agent, John (John is the best!) and anyone else who would listen to me!!...oh and I even read about some bits in the local paper!
I won't bore you with the (very many) details but the possibility of another flood from the restaurant above involving water and/or maybe not, no one will tell me for sure, sewage and fat deposits, along with the many responsibilities involved in the lease (and the ensuing costs that may, may not incur, but could very well put me out of business) helped me to decide to withdraw.
I have been disappointed but these things happen for a reason so I won't dwell - in fact I have already made some positive changes and now I know I am staying where I am for a good while I decided it was time to make this workshop work better ... cue lots of pictures ::
Office & making room before - 
 - and now it's Office and packing room (look the sun came out specially for these pics!)!
 the Old packing room is now my making room ... it's still in a bit of a jumble but it's workable - and will be finished asap :

 So in the end I got a whole 'new' workshop without moving, and I learnt a lot of lease/estate agent/solicitor stuff which will probably come in handy one day :-)


Nilgün Komar said...

this ofice is very good

Suzie Sews At DOTTY RED said...

Oh honey, sorry to hear about the move but like you say, this all happens for a reason. You know your work space right now is looking fabulous... keep up the good work. x

The Sewing Boutique said...

I agree, everything happens for a reason. By the looks of things you've breathed a whole new lease of life into your current space!

Rhi x

quiltercaroline said...

Sorry to hear the news about the move but I agree with you that things happen for a reason and this wasn't the right time or place for the move. Lovely to see how you have rearraged things. Take care. C

wendyroomcreations said...

Sorry to hear the move is off but sounds as if it was a good decision. Your new rooms look wonderful and you may even question why you ever thought of moving. If it's meant to be it will happen anyway. Happy New Year. Philippa xx