Thursday, January 17, 2013

a box of goodies

This week I gave myself a big to-do list full of all the not-very-fun tasks I needed to do and kept putting off.
Once they were all ticked my reward was to open the box the delivery man bought on Tuesday and play with take photos of and re-stock the website with everything that was inside

....and there were many many nice things!
 get new car insurance *tick* I compared the meerkat and saved £140 with the very same insurance company!!
 chase a lost invoice and get paid *tick* 3 phone calls and many many many minutes of waiting on hold and I finally sorted it - it was my fault, I gave 2 different invoices the same number and computers will only pay a unique invoice number once. whooops, lesson learnt there!
 count and tidy all the stock used for kit making *tick* (this is a cheat - John did it, but I did turn it all into a boring-but-very-useful spreadsheet)
 fill in another crap-i-o spreadsheet and order barcodes for John Lewis spring/summer 2013 season*tick* not a bad job, but my computer can't use the template the company wants me to and I have to work computery magic to get it to work and I do not really know how to do it!
 order tonnes of stationery and packaging materials *tick* 3 companies, 3 orders : easy, don't know why I put it off
 stock take buttons, threads, zips, glue etc etc and update the website and place an order *tick*
 phone and pay Royal Mail's overdue bill that I somehow missed over Christmas asap otherwise Mr.Postman will stop collecting *tick*
 read the electric meter and pay the electric bill *tick* oops, must turn the fan heater off more, it's expensive!
 phew-ee I feel good now all those jobs are done!
quick links:
sewing thread here
polka dot buttons here
zips here
glue here
pins here
needles here
scissors here
new ribbons here
heart buttons here
ric rac (with a new blue colour) here

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

wow!! busy busy!! all new stock looks wonderful and so colourful amid this chilly chilly weather! try a halogen heater - think (hope!?) they are a bit cheaper to run!
keep warm, hope you dont get snowed in!