Monday, July 14, 2008

what a funny weekend! you know I work at the shop on Saturdays and then Sunday is my main day off.
BUT this Saturday John (my John) was decorating the shop.
I work full time managing a gentleman's outfitters and the ceiling needed re-painting (last time it was painted was 20+ years ago!) so we got loads of quotes and the best we had was estimated to take place over 4 Sundays (I SO did not want to be there supervising for 4 Sundays!). So I had a word with John (who is very handy) and he thought he could do it a little quicker.

So during the last half hour of Saturday he arrived at the shop and we moved things and helped any way we could....he started masking and covering things and then painting...I finally got to lock the shop up at 11pm....Sunday meant an 11 hour day for John! I took him bacon sandwiches in the morning, a snack at lunch time....I even went and helped paint around 5pm......but painting is boring! .... I was very good at re-doing the displays and hoovering and wiping up drips of paint (!)
So mostly I didn't get much sewing Robin and a few Santa's!
But tonight I am on a sewing mission (withdrawals me thinks) so watch this space!
oh, and the ceiling looks FAB! it's so bright and welcoming now....John did a great job :-)


Nia said...

Wow- well done John!
The robin is so precious, methinks I must have one! The Santas are adorable too. You're so organised getting xmas stuff ready!

saraeden said...

Ooooh your soo lucky having a handy man !! Chrissy is a little challenged in the diy department , bless him !!

More lovely sewing going on too and that felty offer of yours is getting more tempting by the day ;0)

Sara x

Rachel said...

Oh I just love that little robin! When will your Christmassy things be in your shop? x

ClaireP said...

I wish my John as a little more handy! ;)

The robin looks adorable! xx

Anonymous said...

aww that ribbin is just so very cute love him so much! cant wait to see what you do next , jade and david x x x x

Shais said...

little robin so cuteee.....i love your craft things

Blooming Felt said...

Well done John (and you for keeping him supplied with food !)

I just LOVE the little Santas !!

Sarah x

Decorami Mis Labores said...

Adorable your minisantas!