Wednesday, July 23, 2008


John is working away this week....'twas only supposed to be one night, now it's three :-(... but before he left he gave my drawers their final coat of paint...I've put some fabric covered card in the label holders and covered the bottoms with shiny white card....all I need now is to fill it up :-)
John says there is still a bit of tidying up to do, scraping excess paint off the handles etc etc but I think it looks great!

Even though it seems that the minty green glossy paint I picked is very hard to photograph!


ClaireP said...

Oh! they look great! My John isn't that handy! ;)

Maxine said...

Those drawers look fab! It's given me some inspiration to get mine done now (after about 9 years of owning them!!)

Nia said...

They look fantastic. Definitely worthy of the paper-and-string headquarters!

Rachelmp said...

Just love it! Very cute

Shelley said...

Those drawers are great I'd love some like that! My parcel turned up yesterday and I've already made my softie from it, will be posting pictures over the next week if you fancy a look. I posted today showing what I made from your gorgeous brown felt too!

Shelley xx

Jessica/Yesi said...

cute and efficient! what can be better than that? where did you get it from?