Friday, July 18, 2008

Early Morning Blogging

John had to get up at 5.30 this morning to get ready for work and when he left at 6am he woke me to say goodbye and for some *crazy* reason I decided to get up too!
I've spent a while cropping and filing photos so I thought, why not blog now, rather than later!
Last night I put the finishing touches to some Robins, this time with a more natural colouring :-)

and some roly-poly penguins too
I tried to add smiley faces to the penguins but Beaks and Smiles do not go together!


Katy said...

I love those penguins, they are far too cute.

What are you doing getting up so early? Fool.

Aglaya said...

I love the penguins too :) They're just sweet.

ClaireP said...

ooo! an early morning blog treat! Loving the new cute stuff, the russian dolls are adorable...i may have to add them to my list with the fir trees! ;)


Kitty said...

The penguins are smiling anyway! They're gorgeous! x

starry said...

Oh I love those penguins!

I want one now lol.

Nia said...

i agree with Kitty- the penguins ARE smiling! Probably because they know they're paper-and-string penguins. The robins are also adorable- please save one for me!

Jessica/Yesi said...

I love the bright color of the penguins, but for some reason I love the robins more! I want them in my kitchen! haha :)

judi said...

cute...the little felt birds are sooo cute. I wish I had one. They put such a smile on one's face. :o)