Thursday, June 28, 2007

jingle bell hop

I seem to have got into a routine of blogging everyday and I like it!!

John phoned me at work today to tell me there was a parcel at home waiting for me BUT not the fabric parcel
I'm beginning to think the postmen have lost it but I can't think like that for long because I would cry AND tomorrow there is a post strike and it won't come even if it tried!!!

Please send some parcel receiving thoughts my way.....

This is the contents of the parcel I did receive
Christmas? In JUNE? well when inspiration strikes you gotta go with it!!
(I just realised when I took this that I ordered Silver bells not gold ones but hey, it's Christmas!!)


Nia said...

Must be this cold weather that's making you think of Christmas....

sarah said...

Parcel recieving thoughts coming your way, you have another one to recieve as well, runner up prize if you wanna drop me a line.
Sarah x