Wednesday, May 02, 2007

little peeps house

Last night I was a pub-widow !! I was invited to join Big J and everyone else but didn't feel like it so what did I do? I made a little tiny house for my little peep :-)

Unfortunately our camera has gone crazy and is 'stuck' on night mode which means a flash every time and no view on the screen so it is a bit like taking photos with your eyes shut!!

aaahhhh a little bit of cute silliness :-)

Tomorrow is freebie day (Thursday 3rd May) but I am working so I won't post details until this kind of time (around 6pm ish)

See you tomorrow :-)


TinkerBlue said...

Your house is so cute.

Nia said...

Wish I lived in a house like that!

Jo said...

That little house is lovely, looks like it should be in a fairy story

vanessa said...

I love the art deco style flowers on here - very simple and so effective. a stylish house indeed.