Tuesday, May 29, 2007

final website touches and the end of an era !

This is my 99th post! Can you believe it?

I've started to get a bit bored with my blog, all I seem to do is 'show-off' all the things I have made and I really am not good at showing off things I have made myself, so I tend to put off blogging more often than not! Which is a shame because I like Blog World!

So the 99th post seems to be well timed. This blog is having a shake up! Starting from the next post (that will be post 100) I will be changing things around here.

What can you expect? well, I'm not sure as yet! Definitely more craft, more inspiration, more links to other great blogs, more free stuff ... things are on the up!!

And because this blog will no longer be solely for self-promotion let me take this (last) opportunity to point out that my website is live, is full of goodies (some of which are pictured here) and is waiting for visitors!

Also I have added a flick:r link over there on the right so I can still have a log of the new things I make :-)

If you have any great ideas about what you would like to see here then please feel free to share them via the comment link below!
I'll be back soon xxx


Picture it in Stitches said...

oooohh - can't wait to see the new look blog. The Flickr idea is great (might have to nick that idea myself ;0) )And the website is absolutely FAB !!! I keep going back and seeing things I missed first time round ! Well done you - you've done a brilliant job. Sarah x

sarah said...

Congratulations on your milestone post. I'm looking forward to seeing your new approach, how exciting! And well done on the web-site, looking good!

Heidi said...

I love your blog the way it is, but I look forward to the new-and-improved one, too.

Fibrespace said...

Love the flip flops, I'm a bit of a flip flop addict myself!!

kristin said...

i've always enjoyed your blog just as it is, but change is always good!! looking forward to seeing what new direction you take. :)

i got your lovely package in the mail today!! thank you sososo much! what a fun bunch of goodies!

Monda said...

I like your blog too, but I'm also a big fan of change, so can't wait to see your new offering ;)

Felicia said...

I especially love your flipflops and rabbits! :)