Friday, June 29, 2012

*finally* it's tidy...

...well, as tidy as it's going to get, anyway!
This rather boring-to-look-at photo is my new, extra workshop space!
 I have two work benches along one wall
and a selection of shelves along the other
these shelves hold all the cut ribbons, plastic grip bags, postcards...and other bits & bobs
These hold boxes of cut felt, pom poms, scales & printing
and here we have the rest of the printing (stickers, instructions, patterns etc ... I have a lot!), a huge bag of fluff, and some packaging boxes.
Everything has been labelled and tidied so it's easy to find and keep tidy when kit mania is upon us!
My favourite bit?  All of it!! I love it, it's so tidy and organised...and more storing things on the stairs for me!!


Anonymous said...

very tidy and organised! is your new storage area still part of your workshop building or have you had to go further a field?
all so exciting!

Zethan said...

YAY! no more scary stairs! Looks awesome can't wait to see whats next, I just love reading your blog ^.^


olá !!

mulher abençoada..
seu espaço e mimos que graciosidade, criatividade, lindos.
parabéns, que DEUS continue abençoando grandemente, te seguindo espero ser aprovada para
retornar mais vezes....