Wednesday, October 20, 2010

a new toy

I've just added 30 little Christmas Trees to the shop...if it's too early for you to look at Christmas things you can look at this ::

my Brand New teeny tiny ironing board!


Zepequeña said...

I rather prefer to look at the trees!


Anonymous said...

Trees are well cute, its not that long now........!
Aren't the little ironing boards fab - I use one sooo much of the time, saves having to get the biggy out, especially for kids bits and pieces!

Ann said...

Nope. The trees win hands down! They are really cute.

FabiolaTeles said...


Andreja said...

Jp, definitely the trees.

Giulia said...

Hi! Jumping from a blog to anothe, I've arrived on yours. Your cretaions are wonderfull!!!!

Indigo Blue said...

Cute little trees. I saw a sign at work on friday saying it was about 62 days until Christmas so I have started to think about it today. The little borad is called a sleeve borad and is SOOOOO useful. I bet it will not be long before you made a little cover for it with sime of your lovely cotton fabric. How is the new day job going?