Tuesday, September 28, 2010

virtual window dressing

I have a new shop!
paper-and-string can now be found on the amazing NotOnTheHighStreet.com !!

Ta-Dah! Here's my new 'window'
How It Happened ::
WAY back in February I was invited to join them and I took quite a few weeks to decide to wait until I had more time .... so once I'd handed in my notice at the day job (July) I took the plunge and signed up (gladly they still wanted me!!)...I merrily handed them a BIG wadge of cash (a one off joining fee...always best to hand it over merrily, otherwise you may faint at the amount of money leaving your bank account!!) and I have been spending time making & photographing items & getting used to their system of adding products and working it all out....last week I submitted my shop to be assessed (it felt like I was sitting an exam!) and after a 3 page list of things I'd done wrong (oops!) I made corrections and today it's all there for everyone to see....I'm slightly nervous and am completely unsure if it's the right next step but I have a good feeling about it and decided I must try :-)


greetingarts said...

Good for you, Sarah! It looks fab.

Rosie said...

Welcome to the club! x

Grace & Favour Home said...

Oh congratulations - I've just joined too and had my shop approved on Monday! Exciting times!

trash said...

Off to be amazed and impressed right now.

Me salen alas (si me paras los pies...) said...

I love this blog. Always with such good ideas.
Keep it up.
Kisses from Madrid: D