Monday, September 27, 2010

A swap for me!

Trash's parcel of Swap Goodness arrived today....I couldn't wait to open it!!
The Keywords I'd supplied were :: Corduroy, Polka Dots, Monkey & Orange
Are you ready for pictures?
GORGEOUS corduroy Shopping Bag filled with lots of parcels
with hand drawn labels & messages
pretty cloths
Doughnut Pin Cushion
Beautiful smelling handmade soap
and this? This is Alfonso the monkey...isn't he cute??
Trash, I love him & his orange dungarees AND the mini orange ric rac too!!
John's reaction of "someone painted that? that's bloody amazing!" sums it up rather nicely me thinks!!
And here's my new bag waiting for some shopping action tomorrow (it might be disappointed because it's first outing will be the not-very-glamorous Post Office!!)


Zepequeña said...



Trash said...

Huzzah for the Royal Mail! Glad the parcel arrived to you and it made you smile.

Sunflower said...

Hello, i love the swap idea - how can I find out more to swap nice things with nice people ?
Treats in the post are always fun !

Liverpool Lou (Anne) said...

Ooh lots of wonderful stuff :-)
Anne xx