Friday, July 30, 2010

my next batch

more little piles are looking pretty on my tray ::
I've chosen some brighter colours for my hexagons this time, and they are so cheerful and happy!
Tonight John is working a night shift (boo!) but it is the last one for the foreseeable future (yay!) and that means I have a few hours to dedicate to computer time so if I'm lucky my inbox may well be empty by the time I go to bed!

day job update ::
2 interviews have been completed, more to go next week. I'm glad to say that my boss has been interviewing with me, and all well within normal working hours :-) I've worked every day this week (I normally have Wednesday's off) because I'm covering holidays...I have got tomorrow off, then I'm in again on Sunday.


Lucy Caitlin Higham said...

Wow you must be shattered, you must take a break!!! :)
Lucy xx

Liverpool Lou (Anne) said...

More lovely bright stuff to see.
Glad you put your foot down about the interviews and you see already less than 36 days to go :-)
Anne xx

jojoebi-designs said...

Like you I had to interview for new staff before I left but the company I worked for were screwing over all the teachers (I only found out when I got into management level) so all but 2 teachers quit at the same time which meant I had to recruit for 9 replacements for a company i hated, what can I say, the worst people for the job, got the job!

Hope your process goes better ;o)

Can I ask about your tray? it looks so handy, where did you get it?