Thursday, July 22, 2010

BIG button sale

I'm having a BIG button sale!
It's time to clear the shelves and make room for a new range of buttons that I'm working on
Every button is reduced to clear and once they are gone I will not be replacing them....but don't worry button fans...there will be many new glorious (and unique to my shop) buttons later in the year
My BIG Button sale can be found in my shop


Unknown said...

AAAAhhhhhh...not the polka dots...please tell me not the polka to hoard ;)

Bagladee said...

Oh no!!! Will they still be on sale when I get back :( xx

Grig said...

I have made quickly an order… I could not resist! :D

ÖRGÜÇANTAM-Hatice yazıcı said...

eline saglık