Tuesday, December 01, 2009

box of colour

I didn't know what to sew this weekend.
I took a pile of felt and my box of patterns home from the workshop and just sat in my sewing armchair and made some of what I fancied!

A couple of cupcake pouches from my tutorial

A pair of tortoise magnets

and some plump felt heart ornaments, which I haven't made for ages!

all of which will appear in the shop sometime tomorrow.
Now I'm working on December's freebie which will appear here on Thursday


nasuha ahmad helmi said...

hi,i really like all your creations,they all looks amazing and cute. i always love felt crafting but since i'm not so good (really not good) in sewing that's why i choose making card. if i had a chance to learn how to sew i might try sewing some felts like you =)
nice works and have a nice day! =)

nasuha ahmad helmi said...
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Nataly Martinez said...

Waooo!!! a beautiful work! Congratulations, I love it!!!

ClaireP said...

a little of what you fancy does you good! :)

illahee said...

forgive me a little gushing, but i really love your work. so so cute!! i wish i could work with felt like that. i'm sure it takes practice, but i have no time! i will content myself with cross stitch.

assyifa' said...

i really want to make the love shape by myself...so,could i have the pattern and it exact size...