Saturday, February 21, 2009

felt picture badges

A mini tutorial by me.
You will need :: transfer paper, computer & printer, felt, sewing thread & needles, brooch pins.
The instructions inside the transfer paper pack are pretty foolproof so I won't repeat them...I used transfer paper for light coloured t-shirts...I picked a few favourite photos, cropped them square and then ironed onto beige felt.

cut out leaving a border and stitch onto some contrasting felt (I used teal)

trim the teal felt to size and cut round to make a matching piece.

prepare the back of the badge by adding a brooch pin and a label, if you like :-)

stitch the two layers together using blanket stitch
and voila! you've made a felt picture badge!
experiment with shapes and make a whole heap of badges
a fun way to spend a couple of crafting hours :-)


silverpebble said...

Thanks for the tutorial - they look great!

Anonymous said...

These are cute!

LullabyLily said...

these are adorable!

Ali said...

I don't understand how I've only just found your blog! Hooray hooray I'm loving it!

Annie said...

simple idea yet very effective - love it!

Anonymous said...

How on earth do you get your blanket stitches so neat! Mine always have a few wonky ones, especially at the beginning or end!