Friday, December 06, 2013

black brads are back in stock

a couple of weeks ago my brad supplier very suddenly stopped making black brads - it wasn't a huge panic because I always hold a lot of them in stock, but what with Christmas orders and my mammoth kit orders to fulfill they very very quickly ran out!
I have found a new supplier for 4.5mm brads (that's them, in the photo up there)...they aren't exactly the same as the old ones, but they are really really similar - apart from the price - the new ones are A LOT cheaper!!
the old brads were £3.50 for 50 of them and now they are in the shop for £3.25 for 100 - what a result!
 AND I have another size/style too!! 5mm flat brads, a little bit bigger and flat instead of domed, and these are just £3.75 for 100!
 the only bad news is that they don't come pre-counted...and I sell tonnes of these and can't count them we will sell them by weight, which means that the odd imperfect one may well slip into the bag - but at such a bargain price I think that that's ok, don't you?
brads are back on the website HERE

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Hannah said...

I'm really interested to see the difference between the two, just ordered one of each and can't wait to get them! Thanks!