Monday, September 16, 2013

can't - stop - packing

we had a HUGE flurry of orders over the weekend - so much so that 3 of us were picking and packing orders All Day Long (normally it takes two of us on a Monday ... a 3 person Monday is a new level of busy-ness!!) it got a little bit hectic around 2pm because I suddenly realised that Royal Mail still hadn't delivered any sacks to put the parcels in and I had just used my last one, but John came to the rescue and sped to the Post Office and got some more!- I did manage to snap a photo of some of my weekend sewing - but mostly I was stitching up some samples for spring/summer 2014 - so all I can share is this batch of Christmas decorations which were sent out to their new owner today :-)


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claire said...

These are super cute. Do you have any Christmas tutorials?

Claire xx