Friday, August 30, 2013

The Freebie with many parts :: Part Five

Welcome to Day Two of my newest Freebie Day offering - aptly named 'The Freebie with many parts'
Over the past few weeks I have added a lot of new products to my shop - lots of buttons, ribbons, fabrics and, most excitingly of all,  lots of new paper-and-string kits, and this freebie is a freebie to celebrate All Things New!
So how does it work?
It's simple : the prizes (of which there are many) are all split over different blog posts and all you have to do to enter is leave your answer to a question I will ask you in a comment at the end of each blog post.
There are also a couple of added ways to join the freebie - parts one, two, three & four have already been posted so scroll down to see them....and stay where you are for part five!
  there are 3 prizes in part five - 3 winners will each receive 3 metres of gorgeous embroidered ribbons.... just visit this page of my website to take a look at the whole range of embroidered ribbons that I sell and put the names of the three you would like to win in your comment below....
one comment per person
your comment must name three embroidered ribbons (the three you would like to win)
you must come back at the end of the freebie to see if you have won (freebie ends and winners will be announced on Thursday 5th September)
I will post worldwide
you can enter every part of this multi-part freebie, but you can only enter each part once
multiple entries/incomplete entries will be deleted before the winners are drawn
Good Luck!
I'll be back with part six tomorrow.....


Unknown said...

uhhhhh....Flower Embroidered ribbon, Love bird embroidered ribbon anddd Bee embroidered ribbon! :))

krazy knit kerena said...

hi could you please enter me for the ribbon freebie i would like the owls and flowers,hedgehog and mushrooms,and snails thank you

Almudena Antelo said...

I love all of them but my favourites are: hedgehogs and mushrooms, bees and dinosaurs

Unknown said...

Dinosaurs, bees and owls and flowers please x

Unknown said...

WOW WOW WOW All amazing

I love

I will probably buy the owl anyway :D

Rachael said...

Decisions, decisions. I'm getting pro at decision making with your recent blogs, thanks. I would love to win Hedgehog and mushroom, Owls and Flowers, Love bird.

Unknown said...

Gosh! I love the Dinosaur embroidered ribbon, Bee Embroidered ribbon & the hedgehog & mushroom Robbon too. Sue x

Teasel said...

Flower, owls and flowers and love bird. All lovely!

Penelope said...

Hedgehogs and mushrooms
Owls and flowers

All lovely *fingers are crossed*

Maria - A Playful Stitch said...

I'd pick:

Love Bird
Owls & Flowers

Thanks again - gorgeous ribbons!!

Estelle Grace Tudor said...

So cute all of them, but my faves are: hedgehog and mushroom, owl and cheeky gnome :)

Thanks, Estelle xx

Cher8 said...

Oohhh what a tough choice! I would love the dinosaurs, the owls and the love birds. Fingers crossed!

chrissie said...

What a choice... but I would choose:
Love bird
Owls and flowers
Hedgehog and mushroom.
Thanks for the chance of winning.

Sweetcrafts said...

Hhhmmmm....Hedgehog and mushroom, Owls and flowers, Snails! Thank you!

Anonymous said...

Love the hedgehog and mushrooms, love bird and snails.
Please enter me!
Paula. Aka Polly Anna

quiltercaroline said...

Even more pretties today - Love them all but would have to choose hedgehog and mushroom,bees and owls and flowers. Many thanks.

Jenna Burns said...

Wow, wow, wow
I would love Owls and flowers, Dinosaur and cute bat! xx

Unknown said...

Bee Embroidered Ribbon
Owls & Flowers Embroidered Ribbon
Snails Embroidered Ribbon

These are my choices, they are gorgeous!

Pickle Lily said...

Wonderful giveaway! I'd have to say hedgehogs, bees and owls please. Jo x

Unknown said...

Flowers, lovebirds and bees for me, fingers crossed here x

Bernadett said...


Here I am again.:)
My favourites are;
the bee ribbon
the flower ribbon
and the love bird ribbon.


Louise B said...

I would love the bee, owl and flowers and the hedgehog and mushroom ribbons. Thanks for the chance to win.

smiliesnoopy said...

i would choose, dinosaur, love bird and owls & flowers. thanks again for the chance to win. =]

Unknown said...

Oooo another toughie but I would love to win the Bee, Hedgehog & mushroom, Owls & flowers please x

Pene said...

OMG Embroidered ribbons my fav!!! I'd love them all but my top three are Snails, Owls and flowers and Bees. Can I just say thanks for the very generous giveaways I'm tuning in everyday and keeping my fingers crossed, Thanks so much

mrsgiddy said...

I love all your ribbons but it would have to be the birds, owls and flowers for me!

Yorkshire Quilter said...

Yummy ribbons! I'd love to win the snails, Owls and Flowers and Cheeky Gnomes!

lindseylano said...

I would love to win the dinosaur, owls and flowers and hedgehog and mushroom ribbons :)

Unknown said...

Lovely choices
Owls & flowers

Cristina Salgueiro said...

I would pick: Flower; Love Bird and snails

artemi said...

They are all lovely but I would choose the Dinosaur Embroidered Ribbon, the Hedgehog & Mushroom and the Snails..!! :)

Anonymous said...

I love them all but I would choose Owls, Bees and Love Birds. Thanks for this lovely giveaway!

Sue x

anna said...

dinosaurs, bees and snails!

Robot said...

Bees, bats and Hedgehogs please, thank you for the chance to win such great freebies - you are so generous!

Silvia Galloni said...

The three I prefer are bee embroided ribbon, the chiky gnome and the hedgehog & mushroom...wonderful giveaway!!!!

Annie said...

I adore them all so can only choose Love Bird, Flower and Bee. Thanks for the chance to win.

Gill said...

Love Birds
Hedgehog and Mushroom

Colour Splash by Cath said...

Owls & flowers

... very cute!

Anonymous said...

these new ribbons are amazing!
dinosaur, flower & hedgehog
at live
dot it

Kate said...

Dinosaur, Bee and Flower ribbons please!! Amazing freebies..

Emma Doble said...

My top 3 ribbons would be:
Owls & Flowers embroidered ribbon
Snails embroidered ribbon
Bee embroidered ribbon

Fingers crossed x

Anonymous said...

♥ bee
♥ owls and flowers
♥ snails

They're so lovely



KarenB said...

Another had choice but
Snails, Bee, Owl and flower embroidered ribbons
Would be my choice

Karen x

Anonymous said...

Owl :)

M'G said...

How can I choose? So, "Owls & Flowers", "Snails" and "Dinosaur"!

Deborah Howells said...

I would love Flowers, Owls & Flowers and Dinosaurs please! ★★ x

Atelier de Mimos said...

Hard choice but
* owls
* hedgehog
* birds

Hannah Johnson said...

Eeek, these are so cute.
I would love

Snails and
Hedgehogs and Mushrooms please.

Thank you for such an amazing giveaway.

C said...

Bee, Dinosaur and Flower.

Thank you for yet another chance to win some of your wonderful products.

Rita... said...


I would like to win "CHEEKY GNOME", "OWLS & FLOWERS" and "SNAILS".


The Hardy Stamper said...

You are so kind! I would like to win
Cheeky Gnome
Dinosaur and
Love Bird
if I'm one of the lucky ones. Thank you.

Unknown said...

Hedgehog & Mushroom
Owls & Flowers

Unknown said...

owels, dinosaur and hedgehog&mushroom

Anonymous said...

adorable. I really like owls & flowers, hedgehog & mushroom and snail.

Thank you so much!


Emma said...

It really is hard to choose, but if I won I would love hedgehog and mushroom, bee and owls and flowers please.

Sara wiggins said...

The three I would love to win would be
Flower, love bird and dinosaur.
Thanks x

Mandy said...

Oh it's nearly impossible to choose! I really love owls & flowers, love birds and flowers. What amazing giveaways you are doing! Mandy x

Anonymous said...

I LOVE ribbon!!

My choices are -

Hedgehog+Mushroom Ribbon
Bee Ribbon
Owl+Flowers Ribbon



craftymummy said...

Lovely ribbons! I'd love to win the Cheeky Gnomes, Dinosaurs and Owls & Flowers :)

Claire said...

Crikey! Think I'd have to choose: Dinosaur, Flowers and snails

Unknown said...

Oooo cheeky gnome, bee and hedgehog & mushroom are my favourites! They're almost too nice to use though!!! :-)

Nicola F said...

I would love the bees, owls and snails.

They are all so cute thoug

Sunnybec said...

All these lovely giveaways.. thanks again.

I like

Love Bird
Hedgehog & Mushroom.

Unknown said...

All lovely but my 3 favourites are Bee, Hedgehog & Mushroom, and Owls & Flowers.


Michelle Fullerton said...

the 3 I like are
love bird

Unknown said...

I would love the lovebirds, snails and flowers.

Samantha Goodall said...

Owls & Flowers
love Bird
please xx

Anonymous said...

Beeeeeeee pls, super cute snails and boom boom ak a laka boom boom - dinosaur pls ;-) Clare x x x

JSimp11 said...

Snaila, love bird and owls and flowers.

Kay said...

Thank you for a sweet giveaway. my favourites are Bees, Hedgehogs and Mushrooms, and lastly the Owls and Flowers.

Laura Gorton said...

Bees,Hedgehog and Ribbon,Owls and Flowers if I win please!

Leah said...

Dinosaurs, Bees and Snails please!

Lorraine Wilson said...

To go with my ribbon stash I would love some hedgehog and mushroom, owls and flowers and snails ribbon please! X

Louise said...

Difficult to choose but if I was lucky enough to win I'd like the pink flowers, hedgehog/mushrooms and owls/flowers embroidered flowers. Thanks for the chance

MummyCat said...

I would love the...
The owls
The love birds
And the bumblebees
Pretty please!

sian reynolds said...

Dinosaurs, owls and flowers, snails :)

Unknown said...

Cheeky Gnome
Hedgehog and mushroom

Anonymous said...

they are all lovely, but my favourites are "dinosaurs", "owls & flowers" and "bees".



Os Pitinhos said...

owls & flowers


Charlotte Lewis said...

Loving these freebies!
Cute Bat, Love Bird & Owls and flowers would be my choice xx

Unknown said...

My faves are Owls and flowers, snails & flower.

Catherine Chronopoulou said...

hedgehog & mushroom embroidered ribbon, love bird embroidered ribbon, bee embroidered ribbon!!

araleling said...

They are all so lovely :D
My favorites are Dinosaur embroidered ribbon, owl & flowers embroidered ribbon and bee embroidered ribbon

Unknown said...

I would like hedgehog and mushroom, owl and flowers, and bees. They are all very cute. Thank you

ievinch said...

Dinosaur, Owls & Flowers and Bee Embroidered Ribbon :))

Jessie May said...

Very pretty ribbon, my favourites are Bee, Love Bird and Owls & Flowers. Thank you again :)

Sonieta said...

Oohh I would choose cute bat, dinosaur and sanils.
I'll buy it anyway!

Samantha Choquette said...

Owls and Flowers, Hedgehog and Mushroom and Snails! Thanks!

Unknown said...

Oooh gnomes, owls and gorgeous :) thank you for the chance. Lucy xx

* Marinda * said...

I love the hedgehogs (we have a nest of them in our garden, so cute!), the birds and the owls

knutselmar @ zeelandnet . nl

Юлия said...

I would like
Thank you for the chance.

sammy said...

the bee, dinosaur and owls. x

greeneggs said...

Oh my goodness - so cute

I'd chose owls and flowers
and cheeky gnome

Anonymous said...

Gorgeous ribbons
Owls and flowers
Kim poole

Brandoncorp said...

I'd pick :

I really love the dinosaur one. I think I'll probably buy it anyway. :)

Jenny Casey said...

I love the:
Cheeky gnomes, Love Birds & Snails.

Thank you for being so generous.

Rachel bird said...

I love the bee, dinosaur & the bird ones! Fab giveaway! :)) x

Unknown said...

Owls and flowers, snails and flower embroidered ribbons are gorgeous! X

Anonymous said...

I like the dinos, bats and bees.


Sparkly crafts Julie said...

I love the holly, I can get away with leaving it up all year right?!?

Anonymous said...

I would choose the owls and flowers, the bee and the hedgehog.
thank you

Jackie Sotero said...

Love Bird, Bee and Owls & Flowers.

Ivy said...

Let's go for a girls one ("hedgehog & mushroom"), a more neutral ("owls & flowers") and a boys ("dinosaur").

marta said...

it's hard to choose the ribbons too!
- bee embroidered ribbon
- owls & flower embroidered ribbon
flower embroidered ribbon

thank you

Lynda Tull said...

Can't believe how generous you're being, offering all these prizes - thank you !

If I'm lucky enough to win, could I please choose Hedgehog and mushroom, Owls and flowers, and Snails. Thanks !

Lynda Tull

Susan Tonkin said...

My favourites are bees, hedgehog and mushrooms and love birds. :-)

Gaenor said...

Ooh! Snails, Dinosaurs and Bees!

Lyndsey T said...

My 4 year old would say snails, snails, snails!

I agree snails, but dinosaur and bat look fun too!

Thanks x

Sarah P said...

I love the Cute Bats, and my daughter loves Hedgehog and Mushroom, and Flowers.
Thank you!

Anonymous said...

flower embroidered ribbon, love birds, owls and flowers thanks.

Anonymous said...

I love love love the Bee, Love Bird
Owls & Flowers. Thanks for the chance to win them!!!

Mary Poutou

Jayne Schofield said...

Oh Sarah ! They are just beyond cute ! My favs are...hedgehog and mushroom...snails... and owls and flowers xx

Anonymous said...

They are so cute! I love flowers, love birds and bees :D

Unknown said...

I lovelovelove owls and flowers, dinosaurs and love birds. You always have the best stuff!

Nannie Sheila said...

Hedgehog & mushroom, Bee Embroidered & Love Birds are my favourite choices please ......

liza said...

1. Owls & Flowers Embroidered Ribbon
2. Hedgehog & Mushroom Embroidered Ribbon
3. Bee embroidered ribbon

Unknown said...

Too pretty to use...
I would choose
Love birds

Julia said...

Your giveaways this month are amazing! The ribbons I love are: owls & flowers, love bird and hedgehog & mushroom. Thanks for the chance of winning :0) xx

minomano said...

Snails, Owls & Flowers and Flower ribbon. But each one is wonderful. Thank you!

Little Dotty Bird said...

Flowers, love birds and the bees are all the bees knees!! xx

queen_jellybean said...

Owls, lovebirds and bees! Utterly adorable!

Louise said...

Would definitely like
Owls and flowers
Cute bats!

Hannah said...

The love birds, Dinosaurs and flowers are all really nice!

Owlsandco said...

They are all so cute, so I pick Cute Bat, Dinosaur and Snail