Monday, June 10, 2013

up & coming with cupcakes

it's not all technical stuff round here these days - there's still a great big dollop of felt-y, button-y Cupcake-y goodness too!
That said, I did get a nice surprise whilst browsing Bloglovin this morning (addicted? me? well, maybe a little bit)::
If you hover over Top Blogs and drop down to DIY and crafts (my fav section, obviously!)  you'll see a great big list of top crafty bloggers - and there are so many new-to-me blogs to follow....BUT then, once you have finished with the Top Bloggers, you can click on Up & Coming and you'll only see this little bit of blog world at number 5 !!! what a lovely early morning surprise!
yippee - I'm officially Up & Coming (with Cupcakes)


Unknown said...


It always feels good for your efforts to be recognised.

Life of an Agnostic Sunday School Teacher

Kay said...

Congrats on being 'up and coming', some of us think you are already there anyway! Really cute cupcakes too.

Jessie May said...

Lovely cupcakes and way to go you on being up and coming! Brilliant :)