Sunday, November 06, 2011

links and new stock

the freebie is still running and can be found by clicking here

Woah! There are lots of comments for this months freebie! It looks like I'm not the only ribbon addict out, a few of you asked if I had more of these stands and yes, I do!

if you click here you will be taken to the shop page that they are on (the link is in the freebie post too!) I only have 6 sets and I don't think I can get any more.

In other ribbon news:I've re-stocked all my American Crafts ribbon spools AND, Hurrah! the mini brads have finally arrived, everyone who was waiting for their brads to arrive should have them now.

Quick Links

Ribbon Stand :: click here

American Crafts ribbon :: click here

Mini Brads :: click here


Emma, Sweet Williams said...

YAY how excited am I that I can lay my hands on a ribbon stand! Just placed my order :-) And I can't believe it comes with ribbon too :-)

Лариса Фелештинская said...


sew said...

I've just ordered one too - yippee!!
I spotted them for sale when you announced the freebie on Friday but, as I've never won anything in my life and with so many would-be winners, this is surely the only way a ribbon stand will be finding its way to my house!
It'll be my Christmas present to myself!