Friday, January 12, 2007

a belated merry christmas and a happy new year !!

I don't know where the time has gone, Christmas seems like it was ages ago and it's all just gone by in a blur !!
Big J and I had three Christmasses in 4 days and drove miles and miles and miles.....exhausting but good fun !!
The shop where I work is busy busy busy and the staff are keeping me on my toes.....I dont know how people can be so lazy.........ok rant over.

I received lots of goodies for Christmas which I will be showing here sometime Sunday and one of my presents from my sisterini was a ticket to go to a craft show . That was yesterday and I did some good shopping!! Pics on Sunday!!

I have also been busy doing new designs and prototypes for the shop......hopefully I will be updating the shop on Sunday too (I wish Sunday had 50 hours in the day!!)

Before I go here is a quick picture of the monkey I made for my neice for Christmas....Thanks Dad for the pictures :-)

As only a four year old could his name is...

Cocoa Cocoa Coconut !!

Such a cool neice, I may ask her to name everything I make!!

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