Sunday, October 22, 2006

What a busy week!!

Wow it's nice to be back!

I haven't been away from home but I have been away from blogworld (mine and all the ones I read everyday) for the past week or so.

At my day job I have been working 6 day weeks and still trying to do all my crafting too!!
I have had a couple of special orders to make for people this week so something had to go (housework and the blog!!)

So today was a day off and now the house is clean and tidy, the laundry is done and so is the food shopping (not all by me, big J helped loads too cos he is the bestest boyfriend ever!)

AND I have had time to snap some pictures of my special orders, which are now packed and waiting for me to take them to the post office

5 little bunny rabbits for a lady raising money for a rabbit rescue charity

These are all for one lady who sells handmade items at coffee mornings etc
I think the top photo is like a school photo, all nicely lined up and smiling (no one has their eyes shut though!)
Another photo of the same group....I almost couldn't bring myself to pack them!! It is silly really but I wanted to keep them all!! Bye bye cuties..... I hope they all go to good homes :-)
This final shot is to show you the new tags that I designed especially. I did them on the computer and printed them on textured cream stiff paper. I have included the address for this blog so maybe one day someone will leave a comment to say they bought one of my cuties!
Hopefully I will be back to crafting normality this week, I have a day off this week (if it all goes to plan) so I should be a busy bee filling the shops up
See you later xxx

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